Hearts Desires and Focused Goals

Since I started teaching Yoga I have been wanting to put together a workshop.  For many years I have taught through my profession as a nurse, small groups, large groups, conferences, I love it all.  I really enjoy the planning, telling people about it and the delivery, bringing people together, discussing, sharing ideas and learning.  I could not wait to get going but the time had to be right.  Being a newly qualified yoga teacher in 2017 saw myself just finding my feet finding a venue to teach, learning about the problems that arise when you are first starting to teach, the things you don’t think about, for example what happens when I am sick, I am never sick, but actually was, what happens when it snows, what happens when the venue isn’t available for nine weeks? I didn’t think this would happen either, but it actually did.

2018 was busy, it was crazy, the year just seemed to be a none stop roller coaster, I took part in workshops myself, learned about different types of yoga and shared my experiences by bringing them to class to share with others, I was deepening my knowledge.  I also started my pregnancy yoga teacher training and my life and health coach training too.  I changed my job and there was no space to even consider a workshop and towards the end on 2018 there seemed to be no space to teach yoga at all. However through the Health and Life Coaching Course I began to see an overlap between coaching and yoga and this idea was confirmed further when two of my Yoga students agreed to help me with my certification.  The idea to develop a combined workshop started to grow but I was concerned about how to fit it all in with my busy schedule.

On Sunday the 2nd December 2018 I decided I was going to commit to my own hearts desire and focused goal and spend the next 90 days working towards that goal.  I was worried about how I was going to fit everything in but through meaningful conversation through my own Coach made me realise I was just making excuses and I needed to press forwards with my goals and so the workshop was born.

I know how difficult it is when you have that feeling that you know in your heart you really want to do something but for some reason you find yourself up against opposition. The opposition not only comes from others but from your own beliefs, fears, worries and obstacles that you allow to get in the way.  I envisioned the workshop being a space where people could relax, reduce noise of the mind and society and really focus on their own goals without fear of being judged or dismissed.  The workshop is about offering a safe place to become motivated, empowered and excited about their goals and know they are possible.


I am looking forward to the workshop and sharing my own experiences as well as teaching beautiful yoga.  The level of the workshop is relaxed and suitable for all levels.  We will start off focusing in and noticing how we are feeling then move through a gentle warm up routine and noticing how the smallest of movements can change how we feel and move us to a positive and relaxed state. We will then set our intention for the workshop and then practice some yogic breathing to settle the mind and relax the body further before setting our goals and understanding our why?  Why we want to set that goal and understand the importance of it and significance it will have in our lives.  We will then move into our yoga routine before experiencing a deep yoga relaxation (Nidra) empowering us further towards our goal, with a very special finish to the afternoon.



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