Listening to your body

Our bodies contain a mountain of wisdom inside. If we listen closely enough it will tell us what to eat and when to eat. It will tell us when we need to drink. For women our menstrual cycles will tell us when it is time to rest and tell us when mymmm are fertile.

Over time we have stopped listening to our bodies, we use apps to tell us what is good for us and what is bad, we have apps that predict our monthly cycles and technology that tells us when the best time is to try for a baby. It’s all useful stuff and can help us in all sorts of ways but it shouldn’t be at the expense of listening to ourselves, our own wisdom. If we listen closely enough we know the answers, we know what is good for us and we know what is bad for us. The issue is to trust ourselves, honour ourselves and have the belief in ourselves.

Over the past 10 years I have been submerged in personal and spiritual growth. Through yoga I have learned to connect with my breath, body and mind and I actually listen. Through listening I’ve changed my yoga practice over the past 7 months. Before that my yoga practice was more energetic, perhaps four or five rounds of sun salutation at a pace, sometimes practice would be full of challenging postures but not now as I listened to my body and took action. My body needs a more gentle and nurturing routine especially after long shifts. Listening to your body is about honouring you’re self as much as it is about preventing injury. So next time you come to class set your intention to listen to and honour your own body.

“I am listening to and honouring my body”

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