Terms & Conditions


  • Bookings for all yoga classes are taken in advance on a “first come first served basis” Class size is limited to no more than 16 people
  • On your first attendance to a Community Yoga Class, class price is £6.50
  •  Yoga classes can be booked in 4 week blocks and must be used over a 4 week period
  • You may attend class on a drop in basis, each class is £9.00 and must be booked no less than 24 hours before class.  A refund is only available if we have another student to take your place.
  • All payments are to be made through the Paypal system. You do not need to have a Paypal account to make a payment through this system.
  • For those who are eligible for the 20% discount (Full time students and those over the age of 65) identification will be required on attendance at the first class.
Cancellations Policy
  • The yoga courses are run in blocks to allow students to understand how yoga works for them.  It provides an opportunity to settle into practice and getting used to techniques.  I am unable to offer refunds at this time.
  • If you book a block of classes and change your mind, a refund will be given if you cancel no less than 48 hours before the course starts and there is another student on the waiting list to take your place.
  • Deferring your place to the following course may be a possibility but only in extenuating circumstances and dependent upon availability
  • In some cases the facility where classes are held are may cancel at anytime, usually circumstances beyond my control, for example snow, flood.  In these circumstances I am unable to refund the cost of the class.


  • Ladies who are 14 weeks and under would be advised not to take part in yoga classes.  After 14 weeks ladies are advised to take part in a yoga class specifically for pregnancy.  Pre & Postnatal classes are held at Rochdale Pilates
  • Class time is 90 minutes or longer in the case of a workshop
  • Students are expected to arrive on time, any student more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to class.
  • Students are expected to stay the full length of the class/workshop
  • If you would like to try a class please feel free to contact me via the contact page above.
Class Etiquette
  • Your Yoga class is very much for you and it is extremely important that your experience in class is a positive and enjoyable one. By booking on course or a class with Andrea Louise Yoga you are committing to the Terms and Conditions but also the class etiquette. The intention of the class etiquette is to create the right atmosphere and one that creates a real authentic yoga experience.
On attending class please can you ensure that:
  •  You are on time for every class, please help set up if you are early enough
  •  Be mindful of personal hygiene
  •  Greet the teacher and friends but limit conversation or settle in silence
  •  Turn off all electronics prior to class
  •  Wear comfortable clothing that maintains dignity. Please bring socks and a fleece for Relaxation
  •      Remove outside shoes before entering the mat area
  •  Limit perfume and cologne
  •  Do not bring children unless with agreement with the teacher
  •  Respect the teacher’s instruction in order to preserve safety
  •  Observe silence during Savasana and do not get up
  •  Always take part in the Yoga blessings
  •  Help and clean up after class
  •  Sign in at the beginning of every class



  • Entering a Health Coaching/Life Coaching Programme Programme requires an initial 12 week commitment from each individual
  •  Investment in the Coaching Programme can either be paid in full prior to starting the programme or paid in 3 monthly installments.
  •  All payments must be made on time
  •  The 12 sessions can be taken over the telephone  or zoom which ever feels the most comfortable
  •  All individuals are entitled to one free initial coaching call which can be booked through email.  Entering into an initial coaching call does not mean you have to join the coaching programme.  There will be a charge for any further initial conversations prior to entering a Coaching Programme
  •  If an appointment needs to be cancelled this needs to be done no later than 24 hours in advance
  • Investing in a Coaching Programme requires a personal commitment for a minimum of 12 weeks, refunds are not available at this time.
  • A contract will exist outlining commitment and expectations from the Coach and Client on entering the programme
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