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Foundation to Breath, Meditation & Mudra Course

A 3 hour workshop to focus on the foundational elements of the 6 week Course Breath, Meditation and Mudra Course. Its an opportunity to get creative and learn all about the energetic & transformational elements that underpin a yoga practice helping you gain a deeper understanding to how yoga works. During this workshop you will learn: the physical & energetic elements of the breath, why breathwork is so important, then energy system including the nadis, chakra system and the rise of the 5 types of prana. What is meditation and the importance, what are the mudras and how they work and their connection to the elements. The workshop takes place in Sunday 15th March, 1300-1600 and will be held at Rochdale Pilates & Yoga Studio, 217 Bury Road, Rochdale, OL11 4EE


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